28.12.2011 Selah Sue - iTunes 12 days

Selah Sue - iTunes 12 days

today only, get 'on the run' by selah sue for free with itunes 12 days here on :


itunes france

itunes belgium

itunes netherland


22.12.2011 New Kap Bambino video

The alternative version of the video 'rise' (vauban) of kap bambino directed by Jean Baptiste Larrieu


Their new album 'DEvotion' will come out on february the 27th of 2012.


22.12.2011 Amadou & Mariam are back

Amadou & Mariam are back

amadou & mariam are coming back in 2012 with a new album, the first ep 'oh amadou' featuring french singer bertrand cantat is now available on pre-order on itunes and will come out on january 9th


22.12.2011 Sefyu - Live Video

a video of sefyu playing live in paris for the release of his new album 'Oui Je Le Suis' !


21.12.2011 Amadou & Mariam - Teaser

The malian duo amadou & mariam is coming back in 2012 with a new album entitled 'folila'.


In the mean time, check out the video teaser of the first ep 'oh amadou' featuring bertrand cantat that will be released on the 9th of january 2012.




GEt Electric Guest 's first single "American DayDream" for free below !

The californian band 's first album "Mondo" produced by danger mouse will come out on the 24th of april 2012

Electric Guest "American Daydream" by Because Music



20.12.2011 Sefyu live at RFI

watch sefyu perform '5 Minutes' live on the radio RFI


20.12.2011 SoKo's Xmas playlist

SoKo's Xmas playlist


Listen and subscribe to soko 's xmas playlist on spotify here !


19.12.2011 Amadou & Mariam at the Micro Show

The malian duo amadou & mariam was playing live in paris early december at the louvre museum for a private gig in order to support microworld.


Check out the live video and their interview !


19.12.2011 New Booba video

Check out the 5th video taken from autopsie 4, "CORNER"  by GATO FEAT. BOOBA & PHILLYPOE.

Autopsie 4 is available on itunes here